ElysianIsland encapsulates multiple businesses, primarily in health and well-being, but also in the business services sector. Elyse Burns-Hill is the vision behind the brand.

Elyse Burns-Hill

Elyse Burns-Hill, ACCA, ACMI

Elyse is a full member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and has a very strong management, business and IT background that has been recognised by a leading Jersey digital focus group and the ACCA. Having started in business when she was just 16, she has seen a lot of change in the way people do business using the internet over the years.

Elyse’s mission is to eradicate chronic stress from the lives of people in the UK. Having suffered from debilitating stress related migraines, stress prevention is a topic she feels very passionate about.

Using her passion in business, Elyse aims to achieve her mission by investing in and consulting for businesses within the health and well-being industry, with the intention of widening access for individuals to physical and mental health therapies. And with her expertise in Accountancy, business owners is another group of people she feels she can help.

ElysianIsland Equities

ElysianIsland Equities is the consultancy work that Elyse provides with the help of her team. She works with several types of business:

  • Financially distressed businesses on the brink of insolvency/liquidation/administration – Elyse works with a business to turn it back round to be solvent and profitable, with fees only payable on success. She only takes one project like this at a time. If you would like to find out more about this, please contact Elyse.
  • Sole Traders – Elyse provides training and support to help sole traders with their bookkeeping, self assessment tax returns and business growth. She aims to provide this in a very affordable way as she is aware that every little expense can be make or break for a new small business. This can all be found under the “Self Assessment 4” brand at
  • Limited companies and larger sole traders – Elyse is a Xero Champion and experienced Xero Certified Advisor. She offers bespoke training and app consultation to help business owners “find the gold” in their bookkeeping records. More information can be found on these services on the Facebook Page: “Ask Elyse Xero Geek

Dandelion Healthcare

Elyse is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Dandelion Healthcare, providing:

1. 1 to 1 Mental healthcare with team of psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors. We are also looking to expand the team to include supporting physical therapies such as dieticians, chiropractors and physios as mental well-being needs to be supported with physical well-being;

2. Workshops and skills training;

3. Directory of mental healthcare providers which include Dandelion Approved Practitioners and Dandelion Partner Providers as well as Dandelion Healthcare’s own Well-Being Centres.

More information can be found at:

Dandelion Foundation

Dandelion Foundation is planned for mid 2020. It will be a charitable foundation which fund raises to provide therapy to people who are unable to get therapeutic mental health support on the NHS, and are not in a situation to pay for it privately or through health insurance.

We are looking for a Manager with extensive charity experience to head up and run the charity and the team as it grows.

The Trustees will be Elyse, Dr Patrick Gwyer and 2 others with relevant skills and knowledge.


The sister business to Dandelion Healthcare, SMARTER-life-GROWTH is the brain child of Clinical Psychologist, Dr Patrick Gwyer. Dr Gwyer has used his extensive knowledge and experience to create a new mental health and well-being system based on 3rd wave CBT and Positive Psychology. His first book is due to be released mid 2020. More information can be found at: